Video of the 2003 Bryant Tucker 100

Webmaster Paul says: The file below is a QuickTime movie of the 2003 Bryant Tucker 100 lap race. I tried to make it a medium quality compression to strike a balance between quality and size. It's 105MB which is going to take several hours for you to download if you are unfortunate enough to be using a modem. If you have cable or DSL (or are at work, you know who you are!) you might be able to grab it in under 1/2 hour. I hope you enjoy it!

The camera work is marginal, but I got better as the race went on, although my muscles got shakier. There are a couple places where the shot is all screwed up because I had to move or something. Sorry I don't have the 50 lap race, but I was pedalling my guts out. Maybe next year I'll mount a camera on my bike so all you lowracers can see what you look like when you are blowing past me!

The movie might start playing for you below if you have QuickTime installed. If you would like to download the movie to your hard drive, Mac users should control-click the link to the right of the movie box (Windows people should right click), then select "Save Link As" or "Save Target to Disk" or some such. If you need to install QuickTime, your browser might prompt you, or there is a link you can click on. Evil Microsoft products might try to hijack the playing of the movie, but if that doesn't work, go ahead and install QuickTime and everything should be fine.

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